The SafeTicket start screen seen on a smartphone.

SafeTicket — Designing an App to manage Lockdown Situations



type of work

UX/UI, Service Design


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the German Government organized a 48-hours hackathon to create concepts and solutions for recent issues caused by the pandemic. Together with four friends from university I worked on a challenge dealing with permission management during lockdown situations. I mainly contributed by designing the interface of the resulting app.

design challenge

The imagined service was meant to support individuals in finding recent information and regulations efficiently as well as in requesting and receiving permission digitally—to e.g. go grocery shopping. The app concept oriented itself around these themes. Users are enable to retrieve location-based information and receive relevant updates or news. Permissions to leave the house can easily be requested through the app. The received permissions are managed within the app and can be controlled by public institutions such as the police via QR codes. The government additionally benefits from the option to analyze anonymized movement data, allowing a better steering of population movement.

Selected screens of the SafeTicket app concept.
— Selected screens of the SafeTicket app concept.