Personal Projects

Here you’ll find a collection of experiments and trials which I pursued in my free time. I do not aim to be a professional at any of these, moreover it’s the joy of being amateur that drives me.

Fashion Design


Time defines our lives. Its contingent is limited but yet undefined. 31,536,000 seconds are offered to us within an average year. Time in which we chase moments of fulfillment, but eventually keep procrastinating them. We hope for more time, fight ourselves through everyday life and trivial obligations to arrange everything for a fulfilled future. But fulfillment will only be found in the moment itself, not in its pursuit.
Photography, image editing and the layout was done by me. In case you’re interested in getting a copy, contact me. 😉

Sekundär: A calendar produced by Marc Biemer
– The Sekundär calendar by Marc Biemer


Every creation has its own story to tell. Some might speak for themselves. If one caught your interest, feel free to let me know.

The book cover of Träume eines Möerders
– Book Cover for Meike Arend
Illustrations of a new mayor mascot for Gofore
– Pormestari, a new mascot for Gofore
Sport Bags designed by Marc Biemer
– Ohne. Classy Sport Bags