Logistics 4.0

Although being the largest industry worldwide, the logistic sector is only adapting slowly to the times of digitalization. I helped a manufacturing client to rethink the rules of logistics. Besides optimizing their logistic flow, we aimed to empower truck drivers.

User Research
Journey Mapping
IoT Toolkit
Workshop participants using the IoT Toolkit, a person is pointing on the map
– Co-creation workshop using the IoT-Toolkit by futurice

Set up

In my role as senior designer I was responsible for shaping and leading the project’s design process. I further took over client management and project management tasks. Whilst working as part of the project team together with two other designers and the project owner (client), I moderated multiple co-creation workshops and focus groups. Additionally, we supported our client on introducing agile methodologies into the corporate environment.

Workshop participants in discussion while using the IoT Toolkit
– Co-creation workshop using the IoT-Toolkit by futurice


The initial user research included explorative interviews of external and internal stakeholders to identify and understand the needs of all parties involved. Especially talking to truck drivers unveiled unexpected pains that required urgent action.

We mapped out the whole process within multiple journey maps and process flow charts to gain a better overview. In addition, we created personas to support the communication within the team and client’s organization. It also allowed us to focus more on the individual needs of each user group.

Snippets of kourneys maps of a logistic process
– Journey Maps (censored due to non-disclosure)

To support the co-creation process, we decided to adapt the IoT-Toolkit by futurice for the relevant logistic context. I took over the concepting and production of an initial adaption. We then tested this kit in a dry run workshop, so we could improve and specify the toolkit even further before printing the defined assets.

The IoT Toolkit by futurice
– The IoT Toolkit

In co-creation workshops with logistic experts as well as diverse stakeholders, we worked on the creation of novel ideas and concepts to solve the identified issues. Within the workshop we followed a clear framework to support the participants in the creation process. We therefore started analyzing the current state and sharing previous experiences before ideating about future solutions.

Myself moderating a co-creation workshop
– Moderating a co-creation workshop

Closing Note

We are currently taking the generated ideas and concepts to the next level. Through co-creation we aim to design user-proofed concepts beginning of 2019, before starting first development cycles together with our pilot customers.